Commonly named after the Rose of May, its blooming month, the Centifolia Rose is one  of these emblematic flower fragrance of Pays de Grasse. Trimmed in Frebruary to be regenerated, these rose bushes will renew their promise. The very beginning of the blooming is a reward to our  hard accomplished work. From April, the rose buds will flourish one after the other,  everyday in May. These flowers full of frangrance are picked each morning. The harvest lasts from 4 to 6 weeks from May to early June, depending on the sunlight. In order to keep their freshness and fragrance, the flowers are taken each day to be transformed into absolute, to create Dior perfumes. With honey and pepper fragrances, the Centifolia rose is one of a kind.


Ideally located in between the Mediterranean Sea and the Southern Alpes, our Domaine has the perfect soil to cultivate exceptional flowers. Hot and humid summers in Pays de Grasse allows Jasmin to flourish every night form August to October. Everyday, from dawn to midday, thousands of stars are collected. The harvest is meticulous and is done with very delicate gestures. In order to keep their sensual and loral note, these delicates flowers are transformed into absolute. The Grandiflorum Jasmin of Grasse is one of the most precious raw material of Perfumery. Our production is dedicated to Dior.


Tuberosa flower is the most captivating raw material of the perfumer’s range. It had been forgotten for decades in the Pays de Grasse but has found back its nobility and is now, a not to be missed. They give their best fragrance at dusk, which is when they are being picked up. Their blooming is spread from August to October.

Domaine De Manon Grasse

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